You have Questions. We have answers!


I've never taken a class before, what should I expect?
Expect to have fun! Our classes are challenging but accessible to all fitness levels. Our goal is to make working out fun for everyone. Your instructor or personal trainer will guide you every step of the way and take the guesswork out of it for you.

What should I bring?
Water or a sports drink to stay hydrated, a towel may come in handy along with a positive attitude to conquer your goals. We supply any props you would need to complete your workout.
But you are welcome to bring your own mat or props to our classes if you like.

We offer changing rooms with showers in the studio. You can come for a class and go back to work or go out on the town!!
Also, relax in Our lounge which has a blue water marble system. We also have teas to leave you refreshed

How often should I take a class or work with a personal trainer?
Research shows that you get the best results from exercise by working out three to five times per week to allow enough time for your muscles to recover. Within that frequency, individuals vary with regard to what works best for them. The best way to tell how many times a week is right for you is to listen to your body. If you feel yourself getting stronger and feeling better, your frequency is okay. If you start feeling fatigued, you’re probably going too often.

How do I begin a fitness practice while I am injured or pregnant?
First, bring a note from your doctor to give the front desk manager at the studio, stating that you can safely participate in strengthening and stretching exercise classes. If you’ve never exercised before, we recommend that you to take several gentle style or beginner classes so that your body gently becomes accustomed to into the deep-muscle routine (while it’s already undergoing lots of other changes due to your growing belly or current injury). After you’re familiar with the workouts, it will be easier to start taking regular mixed class.

Please note : Minors 12-17 permitted in studio with adult supervision . 18+ older permitted without adult supervision.