Our Story


Forever Hart Fit's vision is that our studio reflects belief that fitness is for everyone. That our mission is expressed with friendliness, warmth, and respect to our members and team as we build a strong community that becomes a fitness family as we help you create and achieve the health, wellness, and happiness you deserve. Reaching and exceeding your goals!


From our Founder



The name Forever Hart Fit comes from the love and inspiration of my child Hart, who I will forever hold in my heart. The strength, growth and love that was created, is something I want to share as my mission to you. Life can have trials and tribulations but it can be beautiful as well. The human spirit is very strong and he has inspired me to organically create this studio out of support and love by many.  I wanted to create a boutique studio where you could get away and have fun! A healing place for all where you can get fit and be the best version of YOU. My hope is this studio space creates the same everlasting change for your mind, body and spirit. 

Cassandra is certified in ZUMBA® and a ZIN™ member, 
an FHF Barre Fusion Instructor
and currently persuing Yoga and Pilates Certifications.




Marion is a mother to three children including Cassandra, the owner of Forever Hart Fit! You’ll often see her in the studio just hanging out greeting customers and soaking in positive vibes that the studio has created in it’s movement to empower women! All throughout Cassandra’s life, Marion has encouraged and made her into the strong, positive woman that she is today. In the 1970’s women’s movements inspired and influenced her to grow into a strong, outgoing independent woman herself. She has passed these values on to Cassandra. Her background includes her education at St. Mary- of-the- Woods all girls college in Indiana and she holds multiple college degrees in teaching French along with a Paralegal degree. During difficult times Marion turned to exercise and jazzercise herself to alleviate stress and help her mental state. It helped her to form the positive mentality that she possesses today. Marion is our Cheerleader to other woman and is constantly encouraging other women take classes and push themselves further. She loves to see the potential in all of the women! She looks forward to seeing you too!