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Zumba® at Night

  Everybody and every body! Each Zumba® class is designed to bring people together to sweat, dance and have fun. A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, and boosted energy each time you leave class. We mix low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super Effective and Super Fun!  WITH ZUMBA® FITNESS, EVERY TIME IS PARTY TIME! Join us for this globally popular dance-fitness party that is heating up clubs around the world. With our Zumba® instructors the music starts and then the party begins. Every class is pumping with lights, effects and high energy. We keep things fun and exciting with effects machines, neons and day glow. you will forget you're at a fitness studio!


Our Yoga classes fulfill all aspects of the yogic practice: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, and Intellectual, we offer a complete yoga experience. Whether your goal is to relax your body and mind, recover from an injury or stress, build strength and flexibility, or you are exploring yoga for the first time, we have the expertise to meet your needs. We have a variety of classes to choose from, Gentle flow yoga, mixed level yoga, and vinyasa slow flow yoga. Try them all and find your favorite. Leave feeling blissful and strong.




our FHF Yoga Sculpt, is a mix of yoga postures, stretching and yoga flow combined with the option for light hand weights during some of the flow. Adding strength and core work in a fun way! Modifications will be offered, making this class accessible to everyone



A Mix of pilates, yoga, ballet, and functional movement exercises using the barre, mats, mini balls, light hand weights to sculpt, slim, and stretch your entire body while creating a burn.

Yoga Barre.jpg

                                                                                 FHF TONE AND SCULPT


our fhf tone and sculpt builds strength in a low impact and very gentle way, while energizing the spirit and mind.  Using props such as light weights, balls and bands.
this class also uses our ballet barRE for support during your practice to challenge and strengthen the body while feeling safe and supported.


Dance Party meets workout! Come and join the party by dancing to all of your favorite pop songs. This fun, easy-to-follow, format will introduce you to many workout inspired dances using Pop, Hip-Hop and International dance moves combined with fitness moves for maximum calorie-burning fun! Get ready to sweat but have a ton of fun doing it. You will never want this class to end!




Come join us in our New Bollywood dance class! 

This class holds a beautiful blend of Indian dance, classical, Folk Indian and current R&B, hip hop moves and styles. It’s all introduced in a dynamic choreography with the hottest music in town. 

This  cardio workout with high and low intensity dance sequences will get you moving, sweating and motivated !!

Don't miss the fun! 

FHF Bootcamp BUtts and Guts

Our Bootcamp style classes promote fat loss, cardio and strength training through camaraderie, and team effort. They are designed to push people a little bit further than they would normally push themselves in a workout alone. Some group fitness experience is recommended as these classes are fast paced, incorporating drills designed to enhance agility, speed, power, strength, and quickness. The results are empowering to both your mind and body as you create change and achieve goals you never thought you could!



FHF Pilates Barre fusion

Our Pilates classes dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs. Building strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen. Practice coupled with focused breathing patterns, Pilates has proven itself invaluable as a fitness endeavor.  A Mix of pilates, yoga, ballet, and functional movement exercises using the barre, mats, mini balls, light hand weights to sculpt, slim, and stretch your entire body while creating a burn.


Exercise needs to be fun and efficient if you’re struggling to keep motivated. HIIT training is a popular buzz word at the moment. It’s sticking around because it works. H-high I-intensity I-interval T-training (HIIT)

We’ve revamped FHF Hula Hoop Dance and launched FHF Hula HIIT, a more challenging cardio class that not only features HI ENERGY timed interval waist hoop training, but also uses more hand hooping, so you can do squats, kicks and lunges. Voila! HIIT made fun.

Now you have a direct workout on your core without having to be on the floor! There’s only one way to keep the hula hoop moving, so there’s NO way to cheat. Modifications can be done if you are new to the waist hooping, but remember it’s ALWAYS good to get out of your comfort zone and let yourself feel awkward at first! Stick with it and as the weeks go by you’ll be amazed how you become stronger and hoop for longer than you ever imagined!

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                                  SoulBody Barre


inspired by the principles of Pilates, the wisdom of Yoga, the graceful elements of Dance, and the Body Sculpting benefits of classic interval Strength Training. SoulBody uses cutting-edge choreography set to contemporary music by original artists. Combined with our signature SoulBody Flow, SoulBody creates a progressive BARRE workout appropriate for everyone!


Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. STRONG by Zumba® combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.

STRONG by Zumba1.jpg


FHF Interval Strength Training

Circuit style workout incorporating weights for upper and lower body. Core and abdominal exercises with short burst of cardio. Also includes exercises with TRX Suspension

FHF Intro to Ballroom Dancing

Master basic steps, rhythms and partnering skills in popular dances. Take class with or without your own partner. We use a rotation system so singles are welcome. No experience needed.




Cardio sculpt workout classes help greatly to burn fat and build lean muscles. ... In a cardio sculpt class, one is offered the combination of cardiovascular exercises and the muscle sculpting exercises.


FHF Freedom Hip Hop is about experience in your life. The good, the bad everything that we have encountered has something to do with Hip Hop. You have been dancing your whole life now we just have to put a beat to it. FHF Freedom Hip Hop has TODAY'S popular dance music and original steps you would learn in a NY studio style video session. Not only will you have the best time but one heck of a work out. Be free in this class, no rules, have fun and be free to be yourself.